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The Thrill of the Illicit Encounter

There's something thrilling about knowing that you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing. It's the feeling of being disobedient, of pushing the boundaries. And when it comes to illicit encounters, there's no thrill quite like hooking up with a married man.

There's something irresistible about a man who is off-limits. It's the knowledge that he belongs to someone else, and yet he's choosen you. It's the secrecy and the sneaking around, the furtive glances and stolen moments. It's the pleasure of knowing that you're doing something wrong, and relishing in it.

Why Married Men?

Married men are the perfect illicit lovers for a number of reasons. Firstly, they're usually more experienced than single men. They know what they're doing in bed, and they're not afraid to take charge. Secondly, they're often more confident and successful than single men. They've usually got their life together, and they know what they want. Thirdly, they're often more good-looking than single men. Let's face it - when it comes to looks, married men usually have an edge on the competition. Fourthly, there's the fact that they're taken. They already have a partner, which means that they're not looking for anything serious. They're just looking for a bit of fun on the side - and that's where you come in. You can be their bit of fun, their little secret. The thought of knowing that you're someone's dirty little secret can be incredibly sexy.

Finally, there's the fact that hooking up with a married man is exciting precisely because it's naughty. You know you shouldn't do it - but you can't help yourself. There's a certain thrill in being bad, in doing something you know you shouldn't do. And when it comes to illicit encounters, being bad is oh so good...Illicit Encounters on MarriedAffair.co.uk

Hooking up with a married man is tantalizingly taboo - and that makes it all the more exciting. If you're thinking about indulging in an illicit encounter, then go ahead and enjoy yourself! Just remember to be safe, discreet, and respectful - after all, his wife deserves better than to be cheated on...

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